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 Neon and argon are gases that occur naturally in the air we breathe.  Neon in a glass tube burns bright orange red. Our process gives us two levels of brightness for argon: one is a very subtle lavender that gives our glass tubes a warm subtle glow; and a brighter more vibrantglow that brings out the full brightness of the glass and fluorescent powders.  This second process has a much better chance of competing with sunlight in a room, than does the first process.

Neon glass: the deep rich glass colors we use are manufactured on the island of Murano, off of Italy.  We are privileged to have this recent development and have available many colors heretofore unattainable. The clear glass is mostly USA made, and used as clear or the inside is coated with fluorescent powers.

Fused on colors: I add colored glass stringers and other shapes to the outside surface of many of the glass tubes.  Much experimentation and development have allowed me to find other types of stained glass that work with our “neon glass”, and I have tried to perfect methods of application.  Wonderful effects are possible when used with bubbles and other shapes.

In addition to the glow from the noble gas in our tubes, much of the light is a result of fluorescent powders on the inside surface of the tubes.  These powders are finely ground and refined minerals, (rocks); they react to the energized gas by their glow.

 New developments have recently made possible more and brighter colors. 

Longevity of neon tubes: the oldest “neon” tubes I have seen pictures of were made for Queen Victoria in the 1890’s, and they still work.  Of course they have not been lit the whole time.  Well-made neon lasts a long time.


                                                                        Fritz Ozuna

                                                                        March 2007


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